2018 Nursing Annual Report

Introductory Letter from Chief Nursing Officer Debra Albert

If there is one unique quality that University of Chicago Medicine nurses share, I think it is the ability to apply imagination to practical situations, driving big organizational change through thousands of seemingly small moments. One question guides how we tackle each day: “How can I make this better?”

Introductory Letter from Nursing Practice Council Chair Rachel Peterson

Reflecting on 2018 brings back many memories of hard work and significant accomplishments from all parts of our Shared Governance structure. I am incredibly proud to represent such a talented, committed and creative group of nurses.

The University of Chicago Medicine Receives Magnet Designation

In early 2018, the University of Chicago Medicine received the most prestigious recognition in nursing. Magnet Designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) honors health care organizations that demonstrate the highest standards of nursing excellence.

Nurses Play Leading Role in Opening New ED, Level 1 Adult Trauma Center

The University of Chicago Medicine took important steps to improve emergency services on the South Side in fiscal 2018 through the opening of a new state-of-the-art Emergency Department followed several months later by a new Level 1 Adult Trauma Center.

UChicago Medicine is Baby Friendly for Breastfeeding Mothers and Babies

UChicago Medicine is constantly implementing and pursuing initiatives to drive evidence-based practices that improve the health of patients. In March 2018, we received the internationally recognized Baby Friendly designation in recognition for our exceptional care to breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Providing Patient and Family Centered Care

“Family and patient-centered care is a partnership. It means that we as medical professionals work closely with families and patients to provide the best care to ensure optimal outcomes. We support them and educate them. Our patients come first.”

Susana Ruiz, ADN, RN

Demonstrating, Leading and Contributing to Evidence-Based Practice

“Evidence-based practice is the foundation for nursing. It supports two related key clinical questions:  what is the best way to take care of our patients? Is there a better way? At the bedside, we have the confidence to use proven treatments and methods of care with our patients.”

Shawnda Wilkinson, BSN, RN

Promoting Collegial Relationships

“Working together with all the members of our interdisciplinary health care team at UChicago Medicine assures continuity of care and improves patient outcomes.”

Vanessa DiCristofano, BSN, RN

Fostering Ongoing Professional Development and Advancement

“UChicago Medicine has supported me with continual training, mentoring and the opportunity to further my education. I’ve been a staff nurse and held leadership roles over more than 30 years here, and this organization maintains the same values and supportive culture.” 

Gerard Wilbert, MSN, RN

Advancing the Community’s Health and Well-Being

“Empowering patients by educating them to make better choices in order to live healthier lives is one of my responsibilities as a nurse. It’s rewarding to me when patients respond to the education I provide. It helps me be a role model because I pride myself on practicing what I preach.” 

Nicole Sikalos, BSN, RN

Awards and Recognition

“Nurses week gives us the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the outstanding work that health care professionals do day to day. We celebrate our interdisciplinary collaboration and reflect on just how much we make a difference in someone’s life everyday.”

Felicia Martin, MSN, RN, CPN

Fun Facts

A compendium of data highlighting the breadth and depth of education, certification and participation in improvement initiatives by our nurses.

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